How online fee payment solution benefits parents & Students?

Eduzer is a Smart Online Payment Solution for Secure Online Payment Collection for Schools and Educational Institutions.




Covid or no covid, online fee payment solution is increasingly becoming the norm.

Parents need a solution that will enable them to pay fees online at their convenience from wherever they are, and at any time. Also, the choice to make payments in the currency of their choice is paramount.

Additionally, when it comes to online payments, the one thing that anyone will want a guarantee about is SECURITY.

Yes, an online fee collection solution must provide robust data security to its end users. No breach of data is affordable at any rate.

Having a user-friendly mobile application at their disposal is another factor that both parents and school authorities can have all required data at one place. No running behind invoices, no shoddy and inefficient handling of paper

A complete online fee collection solution engineered singularly for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

A feature-rich, user-friendly mobile application consolidates all required data at one place and is quite handy to make fee payments on the go for busy parents.

  • Timely Reminders

Timely reminders are a great help as far as parents and students are concerned. Parents who may be staying abroad and these reminders to pay fees can be a great help to them.

Students too can relieve themselves of all these menial tasks and focus on their studies and career-related activities.

  • Secure Payments

Online mode of payment is far safer and more convenient especially when guardians are abroad and students don’t have to risk carrying money in largesse.

With secure online fee collection solutions, parents or guardians can ensure that the money is safely transferred directly to the account of school authorities and has not been mishandled.

Even in case of an untoward incident like failed payment, or any technical issues, tracking becomes easy and the issue can be resolved quickly.

  • Quick and Prompt payments

Parents and students both equally benefit from a complete online fee collection solution. Payments are quick and hassle-free, convenient and effortless.

  • Real-time Tracking

Real-time payment tracking is a click away. All data are consolidated and seen in one place.

  • Multi-currency & Multi-lingual payment options

Online payment options relieve students and parents of the burden of converting local currency to other global equivalents.

Multi-lingual online payment solution means that navigating the solution is not limited by language barriers.

  • Payment Methods

Online payment opens up a wide gamut of payment options, from pay-by-link via SMS, WhatsApp, mail to payment via a mobile application.

When modes of payment are multiple, chances of timely payment also increase.

Parents do not have to compromise working hours to pay the fees that can be done in the nick of time and students too can focus on studies rather than wasting hours tracking, managing, and making payments.

We have seen how valuable an online payment solution can be, and the value addition that a single solution can bring to the lives of schools, students, parents, and staff alike.

Enable an online fee payment solution now, and automate the entire fee management system.